Thankful for Rememberance day

I thought it might be quite fitting to be thankful for the men and women who gave up the up their lives today. Every Remembrance Day Sunday, I go with my brownie pack to church for a remembrance service and we lay a wreath at the town's war memorial which is usually at 11 a.m. all over the country. It is nice also because some of the local RAF personnel come to the church as well.

I know that the British don't have a whole day off from work for this day but it is very moving that they have this ceremony and that the villages get involved. If you are interested in taking part, check out your local church and join in. You can also go to Madingley American Memorial Cemetery and take part in remembering the Americans that died. That is somewhere that I recommend all Americans to go whilst they are here.

Let's be thankful for the veterans!