Thankful for the Markets

I don't really use the markets as much as I should. I am currently taking part in a course called, Carbon Conversations, so that I can reduce the amount of carbon I contribute, I know I am just one person but I want to do my bit. Buying local food not only reduces the distance you food travels, but then you can eat foods that are in season and help out the local farms and business people, sounds like a win-win to me!

I am very fortunate that Cambridge has their market everyday of the week. I went last week to get my bits for Thanksgiving (yup, I still celebrate it) and really got some good fresh vegetables. I was trying to make a pumpkin pie but I have two problems, one- you can't get the pumpkin pie filling in the can and two- I am allergic to milk and soya so I couldn't have it if I can get it. So I initially was going to try it with butternut squash but they had cooking pumpkins (suggested by the stall holder). I like that being able to talk to someone which seems rare in today's world when you need some help. It turned out okay but its not the same but I wouldn't expect it to be most dairy-free recipes are close but never exactly the same. The good thing is all my guests were British so they didn't know what it should taste like:)

I got my other bits and had bought the turkey from the local butcher. Who was very knowledgeable and has helped me to cook two perfect turkeys.

Where I work now, they have bus that will take you into the centre of  town at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I get off early on Fridays so I think I might have to make using the markets a more regular things.

That way I can know that not only am I reducing my carbon footprint, helping out the locals but I am getting good food that is very fresh.

So maybe you can't make it every week, but do try to use the local markets for your fruit and vegetables. I think that they are also cheaper than what you will get in the supermarkets and definitely fresher than the produce you will find on base.