Thankful for British Tele

I am writing this post after watching a progam about pickpockets in London. This made me think I absolutely love British tele. I can't really explain why its different from what is on in the States, in fact, now its too long for me to remember what I would watch. I was always too cheap to have cable (still am!). My mom buys me the series to show like Grey's Antimony Desperate Housewives and House. Beyond that I can't really remember anything that I was really in love with.

So my routine is to watch Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street most nights of the week. These shows are more like the soaps that we would enjoy during the day in the US. I have been a huge follower of these soaps, one for the cultural information in it. I am lucky that I have someone at home to explain the references that I don't understand (and probably end up as a post here). I just love the story lines too. Sometimes, especially after a soap like Hollyoaks, they advertise a place for people who have suffered the same thing that has been seen in the soap to call for support. In Kate Fox's Watching The English, she mentions that in the US, the soaps are about rich people where in England, they are about working class people.

I don't know why but I love the tele on the British system...

What are you are your favourite shows on British television?