Thankful for Spas

I am sorry for the quick post but just wanted to mention that there are so many great places to go for a girls day out.

I went to the Aqua Sauna at Centre Parcs. For the day it costs £69 without treatments but includes lunch! Initially I thought it was a lot but I am a bridesmaid so its expected that you go to everything. I was really presently surprised. It took us nearly all day to go into every spa room. You can also go there with you partner as it is not a women's only as is The Sanctuary. Bring your own flip flops and a book!

Here are some that I have been to and recommend:
The Clarice House
Aqua Sauna- Centre Parcs
The Sanctuary

Everyone needs pampering and there is so much around!

Have you to been to any of these or other spas? Do you have any recommendations?

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