Thankful for being here in these exciting times.

No doubt you have hear that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to George Alexander Louis of Cambridge this week.

I was noticing that a few other my friends were so happy that they could be living in this country when the birth happened and other events of the previous years. That made me reflect on my time here. Since I have lived in England, Kate and Will got married (I went down with some friends to be there), the Queen had her Diamond Jubilee (went down there for that too), Olympics and the Paralympics were held (went to events at both) and finally the third to the throne was born. I have not been able to get down to go see the easel that the notification was on but I did think about it- I had too much homework!

Always these are exciting times! One thing that the British do really well is celebrate! Anyways I look forward to many more exciting events in future.

I am also thankful that I just finished two more classes and have a weeks break to catch up on other things before the next ones being. Now off to enjoy the sunshine!

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