Why we must support the communities we live in

This idea really came to me. A lot you already know that I am out of the military but today was supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far so I thought "BBQ!!!!!".

We have only been in our house for a few weeks but a BBQ is not something we have been able to use.

I have moved from the outskirts of Cambridge to a lovely village, Histon, only 20 minutes cycle from the centre of town. So tomorrow I am seeing Annabell for a picnic on Jesus Green for her first birthday :) and am planning other errands as I rarely go into town.

So I planned it out, I would shop for Annabell's present in my new town. Luckily we have a toyshop! I got some wine from the Co-op and then headed for the butchers for 8 hamburgers, 4 kebabs and 8 sausages for the barbie! I thought that it was a real bargain only 13 pounds!

I get so many submissions from Americans wanting to live in the community and moving to areas because they are cute. I just wanted to say if you move there, use them or you will lose them. Lucky for me, it is a strong community which I want to be a part of. I have already volunteered to help out he Rainbows so that they do not lose them. Also you know that Dusty and I walk about 2 miles day and night in fields where it is sooooo relaxing!

Perhaps we can give back more than we take and ensure the reason why we choose to live in one place over another continues. In my new village, I will be volunteering, using the post office, grocery stores  (all 3 of them), butchers, bank and takeaways.

Make sure when you move here, you contribute to the shops in your village and integrate yourself in to the local area.

All the Best
American to Britainxx

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